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​​​​​​​​​Cimentertainmentgroup ​is ​​having it Pre-Holiday Designer Fashion Show 11/19/2017, that will lead up to it's Annual "Sheer Elegance" Main March 2018 Fashion Parade by Disneyland, Calif. We are so excited and Congratulations to the 65 Awesome & Fabulous models that were selected out of 

over 1300 submissions to be a "STAR" and slay the Runway!  11/11-11/19/2017 Is National Hunger & Homelessness awareness Week, a week 

before "Thanksgiving" Help support the cause! GET YOUR SEATS EARLY, BEFORE WE ARE SOLD OUT!  1-888-204-9622   See the selected Holiday Designer Models for the November 19th Show below!    vanessa vizard host pic.jpg                                                                                                           ​​​​     HOST: Vanessa Vizard



trin collage.jpgtrin sarah kim alexis collage.jpgcollage 5 pics.jpgcollage 6 pic.jpg

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