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Holiday Designer Fashion Show -   Host:Vanessa Vizard       

Cimentertainmentgroup ​had it's Holiday Designer Fashion Show 11/19/2017, that was a Hugh SUCCESS! .We were so excited and Congratulations to the 65 Awesome & Fabulous models that were selected out of over 1300 submissions to be a "STAR" and slayed the Runway! CIM Thanks Everyone who supported the cause. 11/11-11/19/2017 was National Hunger & Homelessness awareness. Thanks our Host ":Vanessa Vizard, Singers: (IsabellaRose & Nakia) Fabulous Designers: Monee​ Pastel Designs, Mous Mous Designs, Trisha Sherman Designs, Sumahrie Collections, Jamila Choyce Designs, Flexin In My Complexion, Macys, & Sheer Elegance Designer (Ms Houston )"INDIKIDS" Magazine, CIM Staff, Dance Crew, Designas by Darrylin (Hair Stylist), Stephanie(s) Make Up Artists and the fantastic parents!.

Hector Montavo (Photographer) Ryan Taunt (Videographer) Edna Events with Edna (Asst) and of course CIM Board & Staff.

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